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Premium Diamond Painting Toolkit

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  • 🛒Free Diamond Paintings Limit 6pcs per order: Get now.
  • 🛒BigSize Diamond Paintings with more pixels: Get now.
  • 🛒Diamond Paintings tool kits: Get now.
  • 🛒Custom Made Personal Diamond Painting: Design Yours.

Premium Diamond Painting Toolkit

Want larger diamond trays? Need more pens? How about some containers to organize all your diamonds?

This premium set has it ALL!

What's Included? Everything You Could Have Ever Wanted In A Kit!

  • 28x Storage Containers: Secure your diamonds and avoid spills using the included 28x sealable storage containers
  • 4x Standard Diamond Pens With Cushions: Who doesn't need a spare pen (or 3)? 
  • 10x Wax Pads: Never run out of wax ever again! 50x little pads included in each order.
  • 3x Plastic Box: Keep your diamond easy to use.
  • 1x Tweezers: Used as an alternative to the diamond pens. You do you!
  • 1x Big Ziploc Bags: Keep diamonds sorted and organized for later use.

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