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4 Pcs Diamond Painting Heart Diamond Picture Fixator (Random Style)

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【Magnet Cover Minder】-There are two magnets to this cover minder: one attached on the back of heart(diamond), and the other magnet anchoring the cover minder in place. 
【Keep It Clean】-The back of these magnetic cover holders has a very strong magnet, which can effectively prevent your diamond painting from sticking to hair, tatters, diamond beads and various dust, or fix it on unfinished parts to prevent Dust and debris enters to keep the working space clean and tidy. This is a convenient tool that is highly recommended.
【Fix the Diamond Painting and Don't Let It Be Folded】-When you are making the diamond painting, you can fix an area to avoid crease the diamond painting. Complete one area, then fix the next area.
【Novel and Interesting Gifts】-Our diamond painting locator can provide great gifts for diamond painting lovers. At first glance, I thought it was purely an ornament, but it also has the function of fixing the diamond painting. Hurry up and give it to family and friends.
【Other Uses】-You can also use it as a refrigerator magnet to fix diamond paintings, photos and notes, etc. in the refrigerator or other places (it is a magnetic item).

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